A NEW monthly group providing support and guidance for people wanting to improve the relationship they have with food and their body, bought to you by the teams at Fresh Approach and Mind Body Well

This group is for you if you live in a larger body and feel unsupported by society. Explore how you can still improve your health without being told to lose weight. Build up a sense of community with others who no longer want to be judged by a number on the scales. 


There is power in feeling heard and understood. We search to connect with others and to feel that we have a place where we can belong. You are not alone in your confusion around how your body fits in this world - Inhabit is an opportunity to discover this.

Every day we are exposed to images of bodies in the media that don’t represent the diversity that bodies actually come in. We are left feeling there is something wrong with us, and in order to fit in we must shrink ourselves.  

This can be dangerous. If we deprive our body of it’s needs, ignoring our appetite so that we can fit in, we learn that our body can’t be trusted and we disconnect.


Inhabit aims to re-connect you back in with your body. To stop your body being the enemy, encouraging you to inhabit the skin you’re in. It’s a group providing you with an alternate path to health that does not involve dieting. 

Each month, we will meet for 90minutes to discuss and explore body and eating topics as a group, the themes each month being grounded in the Non-Diet Approach, Health at Every Size ® (HAES) and body acceptance movements. 

If trying to control your body and food has become exhausting, there is a way out. There is support. There is a space for you.  


No groups are currently scheduled for the remainder of 2018. Sign up to the Mind Body Well newsletter for information on when they will resume in 2019.

Groups are held at Mind Body Well, located on Queens Road in Melbourne (just near Albert Park), at a cost of $50 per person. 


The group’s main aim is to build a sense of connection and community. 

Each 90 minute group is filled with – presentations/talks from the facilitators, learning activities, resource sharing, grounding and mindful meditations to ease you into the space and consolidate the experience. 

We know that attending group spaces can be intimidating – you won’t be asked to do anything outside your comfort zone and your space will be respected. If you choose to speak up and share your experience, you won’t be judged or shamed. And you won’t be alone in your story. 

Themes and topics we cover include– cultural beauty ideals (including the media), the body-mind-deprive-binge connection, what health means to you, and how to protect yourself from diet-talk. 

If you want to gain a deeper understanding about your eating habits and how you feel about your body – come along to an Inhabit group. 


Please use the CONTACT form on the website to register your interest and Louise will be in touch!


This is a space free from fat talk, diet talk, body shaming and judgements. It is a safe, neutral space. You WILL be welcomed.