You Don't Have To

You don't have to - 

participate in the normal culture of hating your body, 

feel any shame for what you are experiencing,

be powerless any longer to the voices telling you otherwise. 

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What is your take on healthy weight?

I was contacted by a health organisation last week as they were after a comment for healthy weight week. I froze, “are you really sure I’m the right person to be commenting for you? Maybe you will get the comment you’re after from a different dietitian?” I was quite surprised when, in the end, they were interested in my approach and I was glad to be able to put the HAES® message out there. 

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New Year's Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution. Only I start now.

I’m going to shed labels.

Labels that have been placed upon me without my permission.

Labels that give people the feeling they can judge me before meeting me and hearing my story. Labels that make people decide I will fail before I have started.

Labels that no longer serve me.


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